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Grapes are widely considered the "Queen of fruits" for their nutritional value. It can be of varying colour crimson, black, dark blue, yellow, green, orange, and purple.


Grapes arrive in two varieties with seeds as well as seedless form.

Grapes Page Header.jpg

Maharashtra is the number one grape-producing state in India. Grape cultivation is prevalent in Nasik, Pune, Ahmednagar, Sangli, Solapur, and Satara districts of the state.  

Nasik is called the Wine Capital of India.


Variety:  Thompson Seedless, Black Seedless, Sonaka, Flame


Brix: 16 +.               Berry Size: 17 mm +



Type 1) Net Wt 4.5 Kg Carton/ Pouch Packing

Total Cartons: 3400

Type 2) Net Wt 5 Kg Carton/ Punnet Packing

Total Cartons: 2472

Type 3) Net Wt 8.2 Kg Carton/ Pouch Packing

Total Cartons: 2040

Shelf Life: Upto: 85 Days


Storage Temp: 0 to +2 °C

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